Monday, November 26, 2012

Linen Covers Make Your Presentation Folder First-Class

For those who are interested in making a lasting impression that evokes quality and commitment then the linen folder may be the way to go. Linen is not only durable but it has a tactile quality that is unlike any other material, making it a great choice for those who sell upscale items or services or for those who are focusing in some way on fashion, special events or beauty. Remember, as we have said before, your presentation folder is your calling card that vividly exemplifies your image.

Emboss, Foil or Offset Print

One of the qualities of a linen cover is its inherent beauty. It’s also extremely flexible when it comes to how you use it. You can have 25 square inches of emboss or foil on your presentation folder, helping to make it standout from all others. You may also expand the area you wish to emboss. These folders are also a good choice if you’re going to offset print on the cover.

Foil color choices include gold, blue, black, white, silver and matte silver. If choosing foil, be sure to consider the contents of the folder and pick appropriately. Always coordinate your cover with the contents of the folder and the context in which the folder will be used.

Five Colors

Linen also affords you a variety of color choices when it comes to the basic cover. Five color choices, each distinctive and defining, make it easy for you to select the right color for your presentation folder. Colors include white, black, blue, red and cream.

Deep red linen provides a rich feeling while black can set a serious tone. Of course the cover design and the manner in which you use other colors will greatly influence the overall effect. Your company logo boldly emblazoned in gold across red linen may be striking while a design that utilizes matte silver on black linen can be eye-catching, creating a memorable, positive impression. Ask yourself, what’s right for your presentation?

Is Linen for You?

Linen may be the right choice for your presentation folder. Linen instantly evokes feelings of quality, commitment and care. It shows that you’re invested in your company, product or project. It’s another way to use a presentation folder to make your company stand out from all others.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving



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Monday, November 19, 2012

Three Ways to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition

The way to set yourself apart from your competition In 3 Basic Steps
There are many things worth doing in this world and individuals looking for worthy undertakings have a whole lot to select from. For whichever reasons, some people choose to set themselves apart from their competition. It is not an uncommon choice. Here is one of the good things about choosing this goal... It is not at all hard to attain, once you know what you are doing.

This short article will make it quite a bit easier for anyone with this objective to achieve success and to actually set themselves apart from their competition and winning over the next big client. To educate yourself about the best way to set yourself apart from your competition and achieve this goal in three easy steps, continue reading...

The 1st step is dress the part. As you have heard many times before, "dress for success". You will want to do that for the reason that will become obvious when you walk into the big meeting looking like you belong there. At the same time, make sure you stay away from over dressing. Be sure you know who your meeting with and dress to their level. You may have heard the term mirroring. This is the time to make sure you are mirroring your prospect. Neglecting to get this step performed correctly and well will mean that you run the risk of making your prospect feel inferior, which has been shone to leave a negative effect with your prospect.

The 2nd step is make sure you understand your prospects relationship with your competitors. Here you will need to avoid bashing or speaking negative about your competition and pointing fingers. This can leave your prospect with a negative feeling regarding your persona. Keep the conversation uplifting and informative.

The 3rd step is making sure you have all of your presentation materials at hand and in a well organized fashion. This is very important because you want to make sure that what your prospect sees during your presentation is professional and a level above anything your competitor will be showing. Make sure you avoid the mistake of handing out loose and unorganized literature. You can accomplish this by presenting everything in a 9" x 12" presentation folder. This will keep everything organized and presentable, making sure that your prospect will have everything ready and at hand when they are making a final decision.

Carefully go through the three simple steps above. If you do, you will be able to set yourself apart from your competition rapidly and very easily. Take the steps properly and be certain to steer clear of these likely problems. Then celebrate! Congratulate yourself! Pat yourself on the back! Take advantage of the fruits and rewards, which will be yours for having successfully set yourself apart from your competition!

Discover some ways to create a custom presentation folder that will set you apart from your competition by going to Folder Printers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Your Presentation Standout with a Quality Folder

Okay, you’ve got great content. You know that for sure. Your materials look fantastic, they read well and every element is dynamic. But for some reason your materials didn’t make the impression you hoped they would. You’ve reviewed everything and there’s no doubt about it—your message is clear, focused and exciting. Maybe it’s how you’re presenting the material that’s the problem?

Presentation Organization

If you’re not utilizing a presentation folder for your materials, you probably should be. Using the correct folder will help you create a more dynamic message. Even if you are placing your various marketing or information items in a folder, you may have selected the wrong type of folder.

Simple presentations often look great and read nicely in a standard two-panel or three-panel folder, while longer, more complex reports, proposals or catalogues may benefit from a folder with stitched inserts or a capacity folder that can hold close to 100 pages. Don’t cram your folder with materials, making it unmanageable and disorganized. You’re doing yourself a great disservice.

The Cover Story

Your presentation folder’s cover makes an immediate and lasting impression on those who see it and come in contact with it. If you consider that your materials inside the folder are in essence a story about your company, services, products or proposal, then remember that the look of the cover is the beginning of that story. How often does a book capture your attention because of the cover or a movie because of the poster (another sort of “cover”)? Your cover serves the same function. Create an interesting, powerful and focused cover story. 

Keeping It Together

Use a well designed, striking presentation folder to focus your materials in a few ways. First, utilize the cover to define your organization, product and/or message visually. Second, the materials in the folder need to be properly organized in a manner that clearly and progressively communicates what you’re trying to say. If you’ve done fine work on the information inside your presentation folder and the folder is coordinated properly, you’ll be more likely to connect with the right people and get positive results.One striking way to accomplish this is through the use of a linen pocket folder. Linen pocket folders will make you stand out from your competition.

Monday, November 12, 2012

When To Go With a Special Presentation Folder

If you’re already using presentation folders for proposals, reports or marketing materials, then you understand that they can be an effective way to define your brand or focus your message and organize your material. You may use the same presentation folder for all occasions. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there are times when you may want to incorporate a special presentation folder.

Occasions for a Special Folder

There are various reasons to go with a presentation folder that features a specially designed cover. These can be very useful for new product launches as a special folder will draw attention to the new product and can also readily define it. Also any new service or subsidiary can benefit from a cover that is created to introduce it to your present or future clients or customers.

Innovative proposals, seasonal catalogues and limited-time offerings are also good candidates for a uniquely designed cover. Although they will see limited exposure as they’re being used for a specific period of time, such covers can capture people’s attention quickly, which is important when you have a limited window of opportunity to make a sale.

Tips for Special Presentations

Here are a few quick tips regarding special presentation folders:

·        Make sure the cover focuses and defines your presentation materials.
·        Don’t lose your company’s identity. Your brand must be clearly defined and connected to your new folder.
·        Quality counts when it comes to folder materials and artwork.
·        Choose the right size folder—don’t try to cram a large amount of material into a small folder or a small presentation into a big folder.
·        Don’t assume what works for your standard materials will be right for your new presentation. Be open to a new look, new type of folder and new method of presentation.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

If you are in some way introducing a new product, service or proposal or have a time-limited offer, you can garner more attention with a unique cover designed specifically for your new venture. Take advantage of this opportunity from the very start by defining it with a quality presentation folder and cover.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Folder Printers Gets a Great Review on 3 in 3 with Mike Capuzzi

A special thanks goes out to Mike Capuzzi for mentioning Folder Printers
on this episode of  3 in 3 with Mike Capuzzi. What a wonderful surprise.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Use Social Media Site Pinterest to Connect with More People

It seems as if the number of social media sites on the Internet is doubling just about every week. Some are highly specialized and designed for those with a specific a focus, others seek to link people with a wide range of interests and still others work by introducing a highly innovative concept. The relatively new social media site Pinterest is one that offers the third of these choices—a highly innovative concept.

Learning to use Pinterest properly can greatly increase your exposure on the Internet, connecting your business by capturing people’s attention and imaginative with attractive and/or eye-catching images. Here’s how it works.

Pinterest Overview

To become a Pinterest member you must submit a request through the website. Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent a link that you can use to set up your account. Please note that Pinterest does not allow you to advertise through your pins. However, you may offer information on products and then link to your site.

The site is visually based. Each member creates theme boards that are made up of individual photos. With each image, you may use fairly lengthy text and you may also link to another site.

Whether you offer products or services chances are you can create interesting Pinterest boards that will attract attention. When people see your pin they may “like” it and/or repin it to one of their boards. Every time you connect with a member it increases your exposure and drives more traffic to your site. If you search engine optimize your copy your pin may be indexed on Google!

Pinterest Tips

Here are 10 tips to using Pinterest:

1.      Develop boards with distinctive, descriptive titles. Titles should be short but memorable. Doing so will help capture the attention of members.
2.      Although you may create your own heading for a board (and you should do so), it is best to also use one of the general Pinterest headings. Doing so will expose your board to more members. 
3.      Always link to your website via your pin.
4.      Make sure the link makes sense in terms of the pin and its text.
5.      Pin images that are on your site or used in your blog. All images should be appropriate to the topic/theme and visually interesting.
6.      Properly search engine optimized descriptions will aid in Google rankings.
7.      Pinterest allows you to use video links! These are hugely popular! Use them.
8.      Send out a special email newsletter that connects people to your Pinterest boards. Invite those on your Facebook page to follow you and Tweet your pins.
9.      Try to pin every day to keep people coming back.
10.  Carefully read the Pinterest terms. The site has specific restrictions on certain kinds of behavior and in how you utilize the website.

One of Many Tools

In some ways Pinterest works like a nicely designed, quality presentation folder. Each pin presents an image that’s attracts attention, defines your products, services or company and introduces people in a positive manner to your organization. They can connect via a link in the pin to you and whatever you are selling. Pinterest isn’t the answer to all of your marketing needs but it is yet another tool that you can use to link with potential clients, customers or members. Use it today! 

Here is a link to Pinterest. Enjoy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Panel Pocket Folders Offer Expansive Versatility

Do you need something extra in your presentation folder? Perhaps you have a proposal, product line or a range of services that require an extra pocket—something that will hold the centerpiece of your presentation. A three-panel folder offers you a little more versatility when it comes to organizing and presenting your materials. 

Three Panel Benefits

There are numerous benefits to creating a presentation that uses a three-panel folder. The first, which has been alluded is, is the fact that you’re able to utilize the center panel to create a specific focus for the piece. When someone opens the folder the primary area on which they will focus will be the center section. However, that center panel may not be the first thing that they see. With a three-panel folder it’s useful to think about the progression of you presentation starting with the cover and then moving to the first, second and final panel people will see. When someone opens the packet they will first see what’s in the left panel and then they will reveal the center panel by moving the right panel. At that point all three sections will be exposed. It makes sense to consider what will be on the left, center and right panels and how viewing these materials will affect and connect with your potential client or customer. As an example, the left side may offer a focused and dynamic description of or introduction to your company and its products or services. That center panel could be the place reserved for attractive images that will entice the reader and the right panel might offer more details regarding the content of your packet. 

Utilizing Your Folder

It’s of primary importance that if you do elect to use a three-panel presentation folder that you readily utilize each part of it. Don’t opt for this type of expansive folder unless you have the necessary materials to occupy each panel and create a dynamic presentation.