Three Panel Pocket Folders Offer Expansive Versatility

Do you need something extra in your presentation folder? Perhaps you have a proposal, product line or a range of services that require an extra pocket—something that will hold the centerpiece of your presentation. A three-panel folder offers you a little more versatility when it comes to organizing and presenting your materials. 

Three Panel Benefits

There are numerous benefits to creating a presentation that uses a three-panel folder. The first, which has been alluded is, is the fact that you’re able to utilize the center panel to create a specific focus for the piece. When someone opens the folder the primary area on which they will focus will be the center section. However, that center panel may not be the first thing that they see. With a three-panel folder it’s useful to think about the progression of you presentation starting with the cover and then moving to the first, second and final panel people will see. When someone opens the packet they will first see what’s in the left panel and then they will reveal the center panel by moving the right panel. At that point all three sections will be exposed. It makes sense to consider what will be on the left, center and right panels and how viewing these materials will affect and connect with your potential client or customer. As an example, the left side may offer a focused and dynamic description of or introduction to your company and its products or services. That center panel could be the place reserved for attractive images that will entice the reader and the right panel might offer more details regarding the content of your packet. 

Utilizing Your Folder

It’s of primary importance that if you do elect to use a three-panel presentation folder that you readily utilize each part of it. Don’t opt for this type of expansive folder unless you have the necessary materials to occupy each panel and create a dynamic presentation.