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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Best of 2013 Free Presentation Folder Templates

Over the past few years the staff here at Folder Printers has paid close attention to just what you, the customer was asking for and desperately needed. Because of that need, in 2013 Folder Printers added 52 Free Presentation Folder Templates to our site, giving our customers exactly what they had been asking for and giving it to them for FREE!

The addition of the free presentation folder templates has paid off. You thanked us by utilizing our free presentation folder templates and because of that we decided to put together the BEST of 2013 based on your downloads. Here are the top 6 downloaded free presentation folder templates from 
High-Rise Presentation Folder was designed for pure visual impact. The image of the high-rise acts as a symbol of corporate status, taking your business to the next level.

Stellar Business Presentation Folder allows you to add your own images to the design, giving you the ultimate customized presentation folder.

Skyline Silhouette is a presentation folder design that draws the command of the corporate landscape. By utilizing Skyline Silhouette as your companies' presentation folder, you will solidify the foundation of your business in the eyes of your peers.

Corporate Presentation Folder is a classic design with a regal sensibility. Versatile enough to be used for any type of business yet lends itself to financial business types as well as commercial real estate.
Real Estate Roof with Clouds is a design that is versatile and can be used for both Real Estate and Roofing presentation folders.
Steps to Success is a presentation folder design that draws your audience inward. This presentation folder or as many of our customers here at call it “pocket folder” is one of those foundation designs. 

We hope that you have enjoyed and utilized our free presentation folder templates and folder printing services.
Please keep coming back and tell a friend. We plan on adding many more free presentation folder templates and other useful items this year.

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FREE FOLDER FRIDAY - Skew Presentation Folder
Skew is this weeks free presentation folder / pocket folder design template, presented by Folderprinters.

Skew is a simple presentation folder design with a simple graphic element.  This design is subtle and somewhat conservative. Some companies just want to have a nice, non overpowering design that is clean yet cool.

This FREE template is extremely simple to use and can easily be tailored to fit your business needs. Just download the template, add your photos, logo, company name and web address. Within just a few short minutes you will have created a professional looking presentation folder design that will capture the eye of your audience.

To access this design, click on any of the images above or
click this link to take you directly to the Generic Scenery download page.

To get a free printing quote for this design click here