Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Folder Friday!

Last week we wrote a blog post titled “
30 Free Presentation Folder Design Templates and Growing” where we announced our new free presentation folder design templates. Well, we found the response so overwhelming that we decided that every Friday we would release a new free presentation folder design template and we would call it “Free Folder Friday!

You can use our free presentation folder design templates by simply downloading the design and opening the design template in illustrator. Once the template is open, you can:

         Add your logo
         Change the color
         Add text
         Add photos
         Use you imagination

We have tried to make these templates simple to use but remember if you need assistance with a template design, just pick up the phone and give us a call at (999) 999-9999. We are ready to assist you in anyway possible.
We truly believe that with these design templates, we are laying the foundation for an impressive presentation folder that you and your company can be proud to display at your next conference, trade show, business presentation or sales meeting.
So welcome to……… 

Free Folder Friday!

"Real Estate Roof with Clouds" is this weeks free presentation folder design template.This design can be used for the real estate industry, property developers, contractors, as well as the roofing industry. You might even come up with other categories that this design can be used for and that's completely up to you.

To access this design, click on any of the images or
click here for this weeks Free Folder Friday Presentation Folder Design Template

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Day Monday - Links 8/26

We want you to start off your week with a Fun Day Monday. Fun Day Monday is an assortment of links that we find interesting, educational, fun and brilliant. So enjoy and have a Fun Day Monday! 


I caught this TED Talk by Salman Khan while flying from Orlando to Los Angeles and I cant stop edifying Salman and what he is doing. Every school, educator, parent and student should be taking advantage of this amazing website. I really want to call it an amazing education tool. Check the out at the Khan Academy.

-- Burningman Live Cam  Burningman started yesterday. If you have never been or could not make it this year. Check out what's going on at Burningman 2013 through this live webcam.

--Haunted House, An Interactive Art Exhibit For Kids at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo - Boo!

--Have you ever imagined what can happen in just 1 second on the Internet? - This will blow your mind.

--I have got to get one of these for my bike - This would be a far easier way to get around Los Angeles.

Friday, August 23, 2013

30 Free Presentation Folder Design Templates and Growing

30 Free Presentation folder design templates and growing, is no joke. After hearing many of our customers say "I don't have a design and I'm not sure where to start", we decided that we needed to do something to help and that's just what we did. We created our New Free Presentation Folder Design Templates.

Here at we understand that if you don't have access to a creative design staff, odds are that producing a presentation folder design can be an extremely daunting task. That's why we created these Free Presentation Folder Design Templates and added them to our site. You see, our goal is to make this process as simple and as cost effective as we can. We think you will agree that FREE Presentation Folder Design Templates is about as cost effective as it gets.

How to access the Free Presentation Folder Design Templates:

Follow these 5 easy steps or watch the video above:

  1. Log on to

  2. Click this button "NEW FREE FOLDER DESIGNS" at the top of the page.

  3. Choose the Free Folder Design Template you are interested in and click on either the image or the name of the design. This will take you to that Folder Design Templates page.

  4. Next, click the Download button to the right of the image. This will automatically start the Download process to your computer.
     Click Download.

  5. Finally, launch Adobe Illustrator and open your downloaded free presentation folder design template.
    **You can now add a logo, text and even change the color of the design.

    All of us here at are pretty sure that you will find this process extremely simple, the difficult part will be trying to decide which Free Presentation Folder Design Template to use.

    If for any reason you need assistance with one of our templates, feel free to contact us (866) 936-5337 and we will be more than happy to help.

    One last thing, come back often as we are adding new templates all the time, and thanks again for choosing

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Back to School Pocket Folders

       I am sure many of you are aware from the request of your children for new clothes and backpacks, that it’s that time of year again.  It is time for students to head back to school! Here in Los Angeles, many schools started earlier than ever, on August 13, which caught most of us off guard and unprepared. We were all out in hoards destroying clothes racks and trying to find that one perfect backpack to keep our children on the cutting edge of todays social culture.

    Well, it's no different for the schools either. After a 3 month hiatus, the teachers and faculty are all scrambling to get the school in order so the classrooms are presentable for the students and run like clock work.  For all of that well planned effort, there is always something that gets left out or put on hold until a later date.

    One of those items, which at these busy times is forgotten, is the one tool that students use on a daily basis and that is a pocket folder. School pocket folders are a key component to keeping a student organized as well as parents informed. The school pocket folder acts as the homework and information hub for both students and parents. This is where can help!  We have printed thousands of school folders and can do the same for your school. Best of all, we can have them printed in as little as a week.

    Here is a beautiful example of a school pocket folder from Harbor School.

    So if you are one of those schools that have forgotten to order your schools student pocket folders,    don't fret, is here to help.  Give us a call at (866) 9.folder (866) 936-5337 or log onto our website at and place your order today.

    To see a previous post of a great school pocket folder that is "Too Cool for School" click here.

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    A Presentation Folder That Illustrates Its Point

    Illustration in most cases, not all cases, is used as an element to tell a story which works extremely well, unless you’re not much of an illustrator like me. Illustration can lead you to a point of view or can subtly create a feeling or a mind-set, which in the end takes you exactly where the artist is trying to lead you and in some cases, the illustration is just an illustration, which is only used as a visual element. 

    The illustration on this presentation folder uses all of these elements and uses them perfectly. It has a wonderful, whimsical aspect utilizing animal characters, such as rabbits, a squirrel, a porcupine, a skunk and even a frog. Most of them are reading a book or what looks like an iPad, but what they all do is tell a story, a story that taps into the demographic they are trying to reach. At the same time, the illustration gets right to the point by the use of burrowed tunnels spelling out the phrase "Dig into Reading".  This is a great example of the use of illustration.

    So, if you know of an illustrator, use them. They can create one of a kind art for your next presentation folder that will differentiate you from your competition.

    Printing Specifications:
    Ink: 4/0 - Color 1 side
    Stock: 12pt with Matte AQ
    Bindery: 2 Pockets 
    *If you printed your pocket folder or presentation folder at folder, and you would like to see your folder highlighted in one of our blog post, just email me at [email protected]