Linen Covers Make Your Presentation Folder First-Class

For those who are interested in making a lasting impression that evokes quality and commitment then the linen folder may be the way to go. Linen is not only durable but it has a tactile quality that is unlike any other material, making it a great choice for those who sell upscale items or services or for those who are focusing in some way on fashion, special events or beauty. Remember, as we have said before, your presentation folder is your calling card that vividly exemplifies your image.

Emboss, Foil or Offset Print

One of the qualities of a linen cover is its inherent beauty. It’s also extremely flexible when it comes to how you use it. You can have 25 square inches of emboss or foil on your presentation folder, helping to make it standout from all others. You may also expand the area you wish to emboss. These folders are also a good choice if you’re going to offset print on the cover.

Foil color choices include gold, blue, black, white, silver and matte silver. If choosing foil, be sure to consider the contents of the folder and pick appropriately. Always coordinate your cover with the contents of the folder and the context in which the folder will be used.

Five Colors

Linen also affords you a variety of color choices when it comes to the basic cover. Five color choices, each distinctive and defining, make it easy for you to select the right color for your presentation folder. Colors include white, black, blue, red and cream.

Deep red linen provides a rich feeling while black can set a serious tone. Of course the cover design and the manner in which you use other colors will greatly influence the overall effect. Your company logo boldly emblazoned in gold across red linen may be striking while a design that utilizes matte silver on black linen can be eye-catching, creating a memorable, positive impression. Ask yourself, what’s right for your presentation?

Is Linen for You?

Linen may be the right choice for your presentation folder. Linen instantly evokes feelings of quality, commitment and care. It shows that you’re invested in your company, product or project. It’s another way to use a presentation folder to make your company stand out from all others.