Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Folder of the Week - Go Gators!

Universities across the country use presentation folders as part of their marketing. This week our Folder of the Week is from the University of Florida. The 3 panel folder is used for new applicants to the University of Florida and has an overview of the university curriculum, culture, history, as well as a map of the campus.

The presentation folder was made using one of our standard dies and consists of 3 panels with 4” pockets on the two outer pockets. The stock chosen was the 14pt C2s with full color printing on both sides. The 14 pt is a thicker stock than a typical folder, making it more durable…which is appropriate for the use these will probably get. By adding the gloss aqueous coating the images show up more vibrantly. The gloss aqueous is not a high luster gloss like UV or lamination so it doesn’t show fingerprints and it also allows it to be writable with a pen or sharpie (note: matte aqueous is even more writable but has a duller finish).

The feedback we got from the client reinforced the confidence we have in our products “Good service, good product, good price. Thanks so much!”
Thanks for the feedback! A great institution and a great folder design make this our folder of the week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Color Pocket Folder Printing is Now Less Expensive than Ever!

I know what most people are thinking…How is that possible? With paper prices steadily going up it seems counter intuitive that pocket folder prices have come down.   

The answer is SPEED.

The speed of production has been cut in half with the advancements in printing technology. Prepress has become fully automated and printers are able to impose a press run in minutes instead of hours. Once imposed, the images are burned directly to the printing plates, no film needed. Then onto a high speed press with automatic plate changers that installs the plates and is up to perfect color in 12 minutes. Once accelerated, these presses can reach speeds of up to 16,000 impressions per hour and still maintain the highest print quality.

By using an aqueous based coating the printed forms can be handled immediately. This allows the press sheets to be die cut and glued without risking any offsetting or smudging. The presentation folder is then glued and folded on a 10,000/hr high speed folder and gluer. Full automation and incredibly fast production speeds are the key factors to maintaining high quality at lower prices.