When To Go With a Special Presentation Folder

If you’re already using presentation folders for proposals, reports or marketing materials, then you understand that they can be an effective way to define your brand or focus your message and organize your material. You may use the same presentation folder for all occasions. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there are times when you may want to incorporate a special presentation folder.

Occasions for a Special Folder

There are various reasons to go with a presentation folder that features a specially designed cover. These can be very useful for new product launches as a special folder will draw attention to the new product and can also readily define it. Also any new service or subsidiary can benefit from a cover that is created to introduce it to your present or future clients or customers.

Innovative proposals, seasonal catalogues and limited-time offerings are also good candidates for a uniquely designed cover. Although they will see limited exposure as they’re being used for a specific period of time, such covers can capture people’s attention quickly, which is important when you have a limited window of opportunity to make a sale.

Tips for Special Presentations

Here are a few quick tips regarding special presentation folders:

·        Make sure the cover focuses and defines your presentation materials.
·        Don’t lose your company’s identity. Your brand must be clearly defined and connected to your new folder.
·        Quality counts when it comes to folder materials and artwork.
·        Choose the right size folder—don’t try to cram a large amount of material into a small folder or a small presentation into a big folder.
·        Don’t assume what works for your standard materials will be right for your new presentation. Be open to a new look, new type of folder and new method of presentation.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

If you are in some way introducing a new product, service or proposal or have a time-limited offer, you can garner more attention with a unique cover designed specifically for your new venture. Take advantage of this opportunity from the very start by defining it with a quality presentation folder and cover.