Use Social Media Site Pinterest to Connect with More People

It seems as if the number of social media sites on the Internet is doubling just about every week. Some are highly specialized and designed for those with a specific a focus, others seek to link people with a wide range of interests and still others work by introducing a highly innovative concept. The relatively new social media site Pinterest is one that offers the third of these choices—a highly innovative concept.

Learning to use Pinterest properly can greatly increase your exposure on the Internet, connecting your business by capturing people’s attention and imaginative with attractive and/or eye-catching images. Here’s how it works.

Pinterest Overview

To become a Pinterest member you must submit a request through the website. Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent a link that you can use to set up your account. Please note that Pinterest does not allow you to advertise through your pins. However, you may offer information on products and then link to your site.

The site is visually based. Each member creates theme boards that are made up of individual photos. With each image, you may use fairly lengthy text and you may also link to another site.

Whether you offer products or services chances are you can create interesting Pinterest boards that will attract attention. When people see your pin they may “like” it and/or repin it to one of their boards. Every time you connect with a member it increases your exposure and drives more traffic to your site. If you search engine optimize your copy your pin may be indexed on Google!

Pinterest Tips

Here are 10 tips to using Pinterest:

1.      Develop boards with distinctive, descriptive titles. Titles should be short but memorable. Doing so will help capture the attention of members.
2.      Although you may create your own heading for a board (and you should do so), it is best to also use one of the general Pinterest headings. Doing so will expose your board to more members. 
3.      Always link to your website via your pin.
4.      Make sure the link makes sense in terms of the pin and its text.
5.      Pin images that are on your site or used in your blog. All images should be appropriate to the topic/theme and visually interesting.
6.      Properly search engine optimized descriptions will aid in Google rankings.
7.      Pinterest allows you to use video links! These are hugely popular! Use them.
8.      Send out a special email newsletter that connects people to your Pinterest boards. Invite those on your Facebook page to follow you and Tweet your pins.
9.      Try to pin every day to keep people coming back.
10.  Carefully read the Pinterest terms. The site has specific restrictions on certain kinds of behavior and in how you utilize the website.

One of Many Tools

In some ways Pinterest works like a nicely designed, quality presentation folder. Each pin presents an image that’s attracts attention, defines your products, services or company and introduces people in a positive manner to your organization. They can connect via a link in the pin to you and whatever you are selling. Pinterest isn’t the answer to all of your marketing needs but it is yet another tool that you can use to link with potential clients, customers or members. Use it today! 

Here is a link to Pinterest. Enjoy