Making Your Presentation Standout with a Quality Folder

Okay, you’ve got great content. You know that for sure. Your materials look fantastic, they read well and every element is dynamic. But for some reason your materials didn’t make the impression you hoped they would. You’ve reviewed everything and there’s no doubt about it—your message is clear, focused and exciting. Maybe it’s how you’re presenting the material that’s the problem?

Presentation Organization

If you’re not utilizing a presentation folder for your materials, you probably should be. Using the correct folder will help you create a more dynamic message. Even if you are placing your various marketing or information items in a folder, you may have selected the wrong type of folder.

Simple presentations often look great and read nicely in a standard two-panel or three-panel folder, while longer, more complex reports, proposals or catalogues may benefit from a folder with stitched inserts or a capacity folder that can hold close to 100 pages. Don’t cram your folder with materials, making it unmanageable and disorganized. You’re doing yourself a great disservice.

The Cover Story

Your presentation folder’s cover makes an immediate and lasting impression on those who see it and come in contact with it. If you consider that your materials inside the folder are in essence a story about your company, services, products or proposal, then remember that the look of the cover is the beginning of that story. How often does a book capture your attention because of the cover or a movie because of the poster (another sort of “cover”)? Your cover serves the same function. Create an interesting, powerful and focused cover story. 

Keeping It Together

Use a well designed, striking presentation folder to focus your materials in a few ways. First, utilize the cover to define your organization, product and/or message visually. Second, the materials in the folder need to be properly organized in a manner that clearly and progressively communicates what you’re trying to say. If you’ve done fine work on the information inside your presentation folder and the folder is coordinated properly, you’ll be more likely to connect with the right people and get positive results.One striking way to accomplish this is through the use of a linen pocket folder. Linen pocket folders will make you stand out from your competition.