Three Ways to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition

The way to set yourself apart from your competition In 3 Basic Steps
There are many things worth doing in this world and individuals looking for worthy undertakings have a whole lot to select from. For whichever reasons, some people choose to set themselves apart from their competition. It is not an uncommon choice. Here is one of the good things about choosing this goal... It is not at all hard to attain, once you know what you are doing.

This short article will make it quite a bit easier for anyone with this objective to achieve success and to actually set themselves apart from their competition and winning over the next big client. To educate yourself about the best way to set yourself apart from your competition and achieve this goal in three easy steps, continue reading...

The 1st step is dress the part. As you have heard many times before, "dress for success". You will want to do that for the reason that will become obvious when you walk into the big meeting looking like you belong there. At the same time, make sure you stay away from over dressing. Be sure you know who your meeting with and dress to their level. You may have heard the term mirroring. This is the time to make sure you are mirroring your prospect. Neglecting to get this step performed correctly and well will mean that you run the risk of making your prospect feel inferior, which has been shone to leave a negative effect with your prospect.

The 2nd step is make sure you understand your prospects relationship with your competitors. Here you will need to avoid bashing or speaking negative about your competition and pointing fingers. This can leave your prospect with a negative feeling regarding your persona. Keep the conversation uplifting and informative.

The 3rd step is making sure you have all of your presentation materials at hand and in a well organized fashion. This is very important because you want to make sure that what your prospect sees during your presentation is professional and a level above anything your competitor will be showing. Make sure you avoid the mistake of handing out loose and unorganized literature. You can accomplish this by presenting everything in a 9" x 12" presentation folder. This will keep everything organized and presentable, making sure that your prospect will have everything ready and at hand when they are making a final decision.

Carefully go through the three simple steps above. If you do, you will be able to set yourself apart from your competition rapidly and very easily. Take the steps properly and be certain to steer clear of these likely problems. Then celebrate! Congratulate yourself! Pat yourself on the back! Take advantage of the fruits and rewards, which will be yours for having successfully set yourself apart from your competition!

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