A Presentation Folder That Illustrates Its Point

Illustration in most cases, not all cases, is used as an element to tell a story which works extremely well, unless you’re not much of an illustrator like me. Illustration can lead you to a point of view or can subtly create a feeling or a mind-set, which in the end takes you exactly where the artist is trying to lead you and in some cases, the illustration is just an illustration, which is only used as a visual element. 

The illustration on this presentation folder uses all of these elements and uses them perfectly. It has a wonderful, whimsical aspect utilizing animal characters, such as rabbits, a squirrel, a porcupine, a skunk and even a frog. Most of them are reading a book or what looks like an iPad, but what they all do is tell a story, a story that taps into the demographic they are trying to reach. At the same time, the illustration gets right to the point by the use of burrowed tunnels spelling out the phrase "Dig into Reading".  This is a great example of the use of illustration.

So, if you know of an illustrator, use them. They can create one of a kind art for your next presentation folder that will differentiate you from your competition.

Printing Specifications:
Ink: 4/0 - Color 1 side
Stock: 12pt with Matte AQ
Bindery: 2 Pockets 
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