Fun Day Monday - Links 8/26

We want you to start off your week with a Fun Day Monday. Fun Day Monday is an assortment of links that we find interesting, educational, fun and brilliant. So enjoy and have a Fun Day Monday! 


I caught this TED Talk by Salman Khan while flying from Orlando to Los Angeles and I cant stop edifying Salman and what he is doing. Every school, educator, parent and student should be taking advantage of this amazing website. I really want to call it an amazing education tool. Check the out at the Khan Academy.

-- Burningman Live Cam  Burningman started yesterday. If you have never been or could not make it this year. Check out what's going on at Burningman 2013 through this live webcam.

--Haunted House, An Interactive Art Exhibit For Kids at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo - Boo!

--Have you ever imagined what can happen in just 1 second on the Internet? - This will blow your mind.

--I have got to get one of these for my bike - This would be a far easier way to get around Los Angeles.