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Case Study: Ascension Roofing

4-color process, 9”x12” two-pocket presentation folder
printed on 12 pt. C2S stock with gloss aqueous coating for Ascension Roofing.

Ascension Roofing is a Minnesota-based contractor specializing in roofing, siding, rain gutters, attic insulation and restoration to home exteriors damaged by storms. Founder and owner Brian Christensen is a native of Minnesota who has worked in the roofing and siding industry for more than a decade.

When leaving job estimates and sales literature with prospective customers, Christensen was using folders provided by roofing product manufacturers. He recognized that a new folder with the Ascension Roofing brand would be far more valuable from a marketing standpoint. An online search led him to

Christensen sent a handful of Ascension Roofing logos, along with an aerial photograph of one of his company’s large, residential roofing jobs that he took with a high-resolution camera mounted to a drone.

Since Christensen did not have a ready-to-print folder design, Joe Anzai of Folderprinters spoke to the customer and reviewed the Ascension Roofing website to guide the layout of a new folder. He used a color scheme that matched Ascension’s logo colors and added sales copy. After the initial conversation, there was communication back and forth between Christensen and Anzai to tweak the design per the customer’s instructions. Says Christensen, “Folderprinters made at least four calls to make sure I was happy with the way it looked. I ended up with a folder that was just what my company needed.”

Web Logos vs Print Logos

In describing the process, Anzai noted that the first batch of logos he received from Ascension Roofing were low-resolution images suitable for a website but not commercial printing.

Because most computer screens display at a resolution of 72 pixels per inch (ppi), logos and other images used on websites don’t need to be any higher in resolution. In fact, it’s best to stick with 72 ppi so your file sizes stay small and web pages load more quickly. The Ascension Roofing logo on the company’s home page, for example, is a PNG file with a size of only 9 KB when downloaded.

Another important characteristic of web design is how colors are created on light-emitting screens. The colors you see are composed using combinations of red, blue and green (RGB).

Commercial printing is quite different. Ink on paper is reflective, meaning that light bounces off the inks at different wavelengths to create the colors our eyes see. Most printing uses 4-color process, in which four ink colors are used in combination to create all other colors. These four inks are cyan (a bright blue), magenta, yellow and black (known by the acronym CMYK, with K = black). Printing allows for higher resolution than computer screens, typically 300 dots per inch, creating much sharper photos and logos.

The upshot of these differences, when it comes to printing folders? If you provide a logo captured from your website, that logo will be (1) composed of RGB colors rather than CMYK colors, and (2) a resolution of 72 ppi. The first problem is easy for Folderprinters to fix: RGB files can be converted to CMYK using Photoshop, although the CMYK version will not always be a perfect color match to the web version. Resolution is much more problematic. When a graphics file is too low in resolution, it will look blurry when printed, and the finished product will reflect poorly on your brand. In the case of Ascension Roofing, Anzai was able to help Christensen find suitable logos that reproduced perfectly on his new folders.

When You Need a New Folder Design, Turn to Folderprinters

If you need a new folder but don’t have a design for it yet, Folderprinters can help turn your ideas into an appealing finished product. Folderprinters offers design services that include the opportunity for you to review the layout and make changes as needed. So don’t settle for generic folders -- call on Folderprinters to create one customized just for you and your organization!

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