Fun Day Monday

Fun Day Monday is an assortment of links that we find interesting, educational, fun and brilliant. So enjoy and have a Fun Day Monday!

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX as well as the co-founder of Tesla Motors  and chairman of SolarCity- discussing the future of design. Not how to technically do the design but how to visualize what your design looks like and how it works in a 3 dimensional model. Check out the 3D printing.

To get to know more about Elon Musk, check out these three amazing companies.

- SpaceX -  Where Elon is CEO and Chief Designer of ....... Spacecrafts. 

- Tesla Motors -  Where Elon acts as Chairman, Product Architect and CEO of one of the most amazing electric car companies in the world.

- SolarCity - Where Elon is the Chairman of the leading residential solar provider in the U.S.


- Cold War living may have been better than present day suburbia - Vegas Bunker.

- Fuji is creating art with 3D printing, or shall I say recreating.

- Making a difference  one shirt at a time - Sevenly



  1. LOVE the quote about the suburbs! Thank you for visiting me and the very good advice. I'm working on it...

  2. Thanks Alexander Caroline for the comment. Love the video by the way.


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