Tired of Blending In? Time to Stand Out From the Rest!

Tired of Blending In? Time to Stand Out From the Rest!

Are you struggling to separate your business from the rest? A great way to stand out would be to design your own presentation folders! Presentation folders are a great way to show consumers that you are professional and that you put effort into your craft. Having said that, you cannot expect to impress people with just any ordinary presentation folder, you need to find the one just right for you. There are many different types of folders that carry many different types of themes. Here are some options that will help you decide how you want your folder to look.

Foil Stamped

Foil stamping is a great way to make your folder look professional. Foil stamping is the application of metallic foil onto a paper by implementing a heated die. Foil stamping creates a textured shiny finish to your folder. This finish is sure to capture anyone’s attention. Having a foil stamped finish will instantly improve the quality compared to one without a foil stamp. The two colors that work the best with foil stamping are gold and silver. Gold and silver are a great way to have a luxurious and professional theme.

UV Finish and Spot UV Finish

UV coating is more of a timeless finish. You can never go wrong with a UV finish. UV finishes are a great way to finish of a simplistic and clean look to your folder. UV finishes provide a shine all throughout the coating. Having said that, you can choose between a spot UV or a full UV coating. The difference between the two are that in a spot UV, the UV finish goes on a selected part of your choosing, while a full UV finish coats the whole folder to create a beautiful shine all throughout the folder. The benefit of having a full UV coating is that you get that stunning shine all around your folder. This creates more of a bold theme. The benefit to having a spot UV finish is that you develop a modern theme to your folder. The change between normal finish and UV finish adds more dynamic to your folder. However, you cannot go wrong with either one.

Embossed Finish

An embossed finish is a great way to create a simplistic and luxurious look to your folder. Embossing is the process in which the paper is either raised or dropped in order to create a new dimension. Embossing creates a textured paper that is sure to impress anyone. However, it does not take away from the design that you decide to create. Embossing has a unique way of catching someone’s attention while keeping the simplistic theme at the same time.

Matte Finish

Having a matte finish is the most versatile among all folder types. A matte finish is a finish that has very minimal to no shine or gloss on it. The reason why matte finishes are so versatile is because any design goes with a matte finish. A matte finish does not get in the way or compete with designs. It is able to be coherent with a design to showcase all the details. A matte finish creates a simplistic theme that will impress anyone.

Presentation folders are essential in showing consumers that you care about your business more than your competitors. It is the extra step you need to put your brand over the herd. Now that you are informed about all the different types of presentation folders there are, click here to view our presentation folder templates! Would you rather have a bold or a simplistic folder? Do you want a foil stamp finish or a UV finish? Use the knowledge you learned to help you decide which theme you want to go with. Take the next step for your business today!

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