Top 5 Colors to Increase Sales


Blue is often associated with loyalty. Using blue in your presentation can help you represent safety and reliability in your product or service.

Blue is also considered to have a positive connotation to the mind and body. It is considered to be the most relaxing color. Many successful websites have used the blue themed background, such as Twitter, Facebook, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. By being more relaxed while reading the information, customers can focus more to gain a greater knowledge of the product or service.   


White is associated with simplicity and cleanliness. White is the color of perfection. White is a great way to be organized and simple in your marketing.

White is great to convey simplicity in complex products while still making it modern. The biggest example of this is Apple Inc. Apple does a great job of making their high-tech gadgets appeal to everyone. One of the ways they achieve this is with the white theme. The white symbolizes a user-friendly product. However, it still manages to achieve that high-tech and cool prestige.


Red is the color of power. Red has the tendency to catch people’s attention. Red can help you get information across by attracting the reader.

Red brings words and photos to the foreground. It is often used to call the reader to action. For example, call to actions such as “Click Here” or “Do Not Enter” are often in red so the reader can act immediately. This is also the reason why the stop sign is red. Drivers need something that will grab their attention in order for them to act on the information quickly. Red is a great way to attract readers to your information and make them act on it.


Purple is the color of royalty. It symbolizes power and wisdom. By using purple in your presentation you convey a sort of extravagance in your product or service.

Purple combines the attention grabbing aspect from red and the relaxing aspect from blue. It catches your eye while being passive and welcoming. Consider using purple when marketing luxurious items, such as jewelry.

Green is the color of nature. Green symbolizes comfort and safety. Using green when marketing can help increase sales because it helps show the customer that you can be trusted. Green can give the customer a call to action. The biggest example of green giving a call to action is the green light on roads. Green gives the connotation to move forward.

Green can also be tied with money, which symbolizes power and success.

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