The Key to Beating Your Competition

Remember the good old days when you would pull up to the gas pump and you had two choices, self service, which meant cheaper gas but you did all the work, or full service, which meant that you sat in the drivers seat while the attendant would ask you “ filler up?”. The attendant would then proceed to pump the gas, wash your windows, check you tire pressure, check your oil and transmission fluid and top off the battery and radiator fluids without you even asking. Sure, you paid a little more for it, but that was customer service! Now we all know why full service has fallen to the wayside. Trying to compete in today’s   marketplace has driven margins so low that in most cases a full service business is just not a viable method any longer, or is it? Lets take a look at full service in a different light. We all know that margins in most cases are tight so how can we compete in a world that is driven by price. Can you create a business platform that can operate with a full service mentality?  Lets look at 3 Key ways that you can compete, thrive, and create a full service company in a sea of self-service competitors.

1. Choices
Like the service station of the past, are you giving your customers the ability to choose between self-service or full service. Giving them the choice may result in a customer base that is willing to pay a higher fee for what they consider to be a better or more valuable experience or product.

2. Added Value
You have heard this phrase before, “but wait, there’s more”. This phrase has been used over and over again with millions; in fact, I would guess billions of dollars spent just because of that one simple phrase. Lets face it, everyone loves a deal and if they feel like it is a free bonus, they love it even more! What type of service can you offer that will add value for your customer without negatively effecting your profitability? The perfect example of this is what
Zappos did. Tony Hseih CEO of Zappos and author of (DELIVERING Happiness A path to profits) wrote "We had a customer e-mail us the other day", I said. "He had ordered a pair of shoes that we had in our warehouse and we surprised him with a shipping upgrade so that he got his shoes in two days instead of our original promise of a week. He said he loved our customer service and would tell his friends and family about us". This type of service became one of the best forms of marketing for Zappos and it was based on exceeding customer’s expectations. Think you can’t do what Zappos did? It may be worth looking into. As you know, a happy customer means increased sales, reorders and greater customer loyalty.
Ask yourself   “What value can I add today
    to WOW my customers”.

3. Be a Customer Service Representative, Like No Other!
In my eyes there is nothing like great service. Sure, we have all experienced good service, which is what we have come to expect when we are paying for a service or product, but when was the last time you received exceptional service? The kind of service you did not expect. The kind of experience that made you look around and say “oh, wow, that is what service is suppose to be like”!  You know, the kind of service that made you feel like you are the most important person on the planet. We have all had that kind of experience at one time or another, whether it was at a restaurant or shopping at a local boutique or maybe it was that person helping you on the other end of a phone call regarding a billing issue. That’s when you realize that you want this type of service whenever and wherever you do business. Every company has the ability to give this type of service and so it should, but in most cases they sadly do not. If you practice and create an amazing customer service experience for your customers, you will gain a lasting relationship that brings them coming back for more. Best of all, now your customer will be telling everyone about the experience they had when doing business with your company. This type of word of mouth marketing is what will set your company apart from your competition.

How much are you spending on marketing these days? Why not create a service experience that will get the word of mouth marketing machine working for your company.

So, give your customers choices when it comes to service and add value to the customer by giving them more than they expected. Finally, be an amazing customer service representative to your clients, because if you don’t, someone else will! Now, go out there and change the world with the type of service that far exceeds your competition and the expectations of your customers.
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