Pocket Folder Printing

Corporate Presentation

Pocket folder printing is a simple but powerful tool to promote your company’s name. Most people like to hold on to a pocket folder they received in a meeting or a seminar. The pocket folder remains as a constant reminder of your company’s professional image and basic information. Pocket folder printing gives you the maximum business visibility at a reasonable cost.

Here at FolderPrinters we have a creative staff to help you plan the perfect folder for your company. Our art department will help you choose the colors, and style best suited to express the uniqueness of your company. We understand that a pocket folder goes along in representing you in different venues.

  • Trade shows

Use the pocket holder as a handout to circulate important information about your company to potential clients. Inside the folder, you can put company leaflets, business cards, a presentation CD or DVD, and brochures.

  • Company Identity

Professionally designed folders are the best advertising platform for your company. The first thing a potential customer sees is your company logo and the services you offer. Give your pocket folder a distinctive design that has a consistent look matching all your companies’ printed materials.
  • New products

Use your 2-pocket pocket folder as an opportunity to give your product and service information to your clients. You can also enclose company photos of your sales staff, and up-and-coming new products. Photos are a great way for your customer to look through and get to know your staff personally.
  • Custom Printed Folders

These are the most commonly used for a professional presentation. A presentation portfolio goes a long way in carrying information about your company in one place. Your customers will advertise for you by handing out company materials in the folder to people they know.
  • Presentation Folder Design

Design your company folders to highlight your artistic and innovative ways. No matter what your business, your customer will hold on to your folder and show it to others. When receiving a folder one gets the message that they are important to your business. The perception says that your company took the time out to put important information together just for them. 

Work with folderprinters.com  to develop the right pocket folder for your company. You will find that our professional staff is ready to help you design art conveying the message of your company. Remember that a pocket folder goes a long way in continual advertisement sitting on a desk or reception area waiting to be picked up by your new potential customer.

To get started with your pockets folders check out folderprinters.