Education Grid is this weeks free presentation folder / Pocket Folder design template.

Education Grid was designed with the intention of creating a presentation folder or as some call it a "pocket folder" for the school that does not have a presentation folder design and really has a desire to get a folder into the hands of each and every one of it's students.

This folder is intended to give the student a way to stay organized and neat. By utilizing a two pocket design, a student can carry homework in one pocket and papers to be seen by parents in the other pocket. 

All you have to do is download the free presentation folder design template, add your company or school name and logo and your ready to go, but remember this is a template, and you can always change the colors, position of the logo and name to best fit your company or schools needs.

This Education Grid design can also be used for architectural firms, landscaping firms, contractors, etc... it is completely up to you.


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