Fun Day Monday

This weeks Fun Day Monday has one focus,  the act of making a difference. Here you will find a few links to incredible organizations that are making a difference and each do it in their own unique way. 

Remember that there are many ways to make a difference and not all of them cost money.

First, lets get in the mood of making a difference. Watch this video "Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day" from the amazing folks over at

So lets get started.  Here are some amazing organizations that are truly making a difference.

Fun Day Monday - Links to make a difference

-- where your purchase of one shirt can make a difference, one cause at a time for one week at a time.

-- where their motto is "Fill a Bowl - Fight Hunger".

-- where they transform lives through the gift of mobility.

-- helping families create a meaningful and memorable giving experience.

-- where you can help empower people to change their lives.

-- where you can start someones day off right.

Remember, every little bit counts, be that person of change and watch what happens.

If you know of any great organizations that are making a difference, please leave a comment with a link below in our comment section.

Have a meaningful and giving day!