Make Your Presentation Folder Stand Out In A Crowd

I'm sure you have heard the phrase "less is more"; well here is a perfect example of just that.

Our friends over at Income Property Advisors have truly designed their presentation folder to stand out in a crowd. They have achieved this by combining two overlooked elements used in the printing world, a vibrant blue, metallic foil stamp of their corporate logo applied to a luxurious white linen paper stock.

The foil stamping process which comes in many colors and finishes, lends itself to a more modern sensibility, while the choice of the white linen paper stock, which has a tactile feel, acts as the classic foundation. This combination gives this presentation folder that classic look and feel, with a modern twist.

Design your next presentation folder to stand out in a crowd.

Printing Specifications:
Ink: Blue Metallic Foil
Stock: White Linen 100# Cover
Bindery: 2 Pockets with business card slits on both pockets
*If you printed your pocket folder or presentation folder at folder, and you would like to see your folder highlighted in one of our blog post, just email me at [email protected]