This Weeks Presentation Folder / Pocket Folder Spotlight - 3-Panel

This weeks spotlighted presentation folder / pocket folder was chosen for it's excellent use of the printable area. A 3-panel presentation folder or pocket folder gives you two extra surfaces to design upon. Your standard pocket folder / presentation folder gives you 4 panels plus two pockets to build your design, and convey your message, whereas a 3-panel presentation folder  / pocket folder adds and additional two panels, giving you 6 panels, plus 2 - 3 pockets to build your design. This 3-panel presentation folder design, utilized every panel to convey its message.

3-Panel Presentation Folder
As you can see, this 3-panel presentation folder is packed with content and information.

Printing Specifications:
Ink: 4/4
Stock: 14pt Gloss Cover
Bindery: 3 Panel die cut with two pockets and business card slit.

*If we printed your pocket folder or presentation folder, and you would like to see your folder displayed in one of our blog post, just email me at [email protected]