Presentation Folder / Pocket Folder of the Week 4/5/2013

When designing this week’s presentation folder, the designer used a method that these days are rarely seen in the printing world. It is a very simple method, which can be used to enhance the warm tones of an image. The design aspect used to enhance the warm tones of the barrel and the corks was a simple paper choice. This particular presentation folder utilized a cream colored, linen paper stock. By utilizing this stock, the warmth of the cream tones of the paper show through the ink, creating a warm look to the image. This effect can be seen in the highlights and quarter-tones, where less ink is applied to the paper, allowing more of the paper to show through.

Brilliant use of paper color choice.

Printing Specifications:
Ink: 4/0
Stock: Cream Linen 100# Cover
Bindery: Two pockets with Business card slits on both the left and right hand pockets.

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