Tweet, Facebook and Pin Your Presentation Folder

Here’s an idea and it’s based on the marketing concept that you give yourself more chances to connect with people and make a sale if you use many different platforms to do so. The idea is to use the hardcopy, hard cover platforms, such as trade shows, business meetings and conferences to get your materials to people in a beautifully designed, quality presentation folder, and to also use Internet-based social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to connect with others you have not met and to reinforce your link with those you have.

Why Use Both?

There are a few reasons to use both types of general platforms—face-to-face encounters and Internet connections. Each will help you reach different audiences. Those who get out and meet you may not be the same people who will find you over the Internet. Thus, you’re expanding the number of people you reach.

At the same time, you are also connecting with some of the same people over both platforms. One way to make sure you do so is to capture emails and street addresses whether you’re connecting with someone in the real or virtual world.

Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Be sure to tweet, post on Facebook and pin you’re presentation. Include an image of the folder cover and a description of the content. All three social media platforms allow you to post images with your message. Finally, each of these posts should have a link either to your website or to the presentation/marketing materials.

Web-Link Face-to-Face Connections

Use the Internet to reinforce your connection with those you’ve met at conferences, trade shows and meetings. This will help you foster trust and build relationships that are ongoing. Utilize your presentation folder at all times. It will act to identify you and your brand instantly, making sure that people remember your products or services.