Your Great Looking Presentation Folder Needs Great Content

Affiliate marketing guru James Martell, who revolutionized Internet marketing and continues to be a leader, is fond of saying that on the web “content is still king.” He’s certainly correct about the Internet and what he says also holds true for your presentation folder. It’s a given that you want your folder to look great, but like a fantastic looking website, if that folder doesn’t contain something of substance then chances are you’ve wasted your money on simply looking good rather than being good.

Defining Great Content

But what is great content? There are various ideas and theories regarding this. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to the content for your presentation folder. The first is that you must remember that everyone is busy these days. That means your content must be interesting, illustrative and to the point. All writing, like the images you use, must be focused. Also, there should be no spelling or grammatical errors. If you cannot write great content, then hire a professional. It’s worth the cash and usually not that expensive.

What Will People Remember?

Ask yourself what will people remember of your text? They should certainly recall images you use but have you offered them key points in the text and have you highlighted those points visually in order to make them stand out? Short phrases can say a lot. Use these to focus your message. Headers that utilize such phrases can be very effective.

Images + Text = Message

Remember that the artwork on your presentation folder’s cover, including your choice of color, image and logo, offers potential customers a first impression. That initial impression needs to be powerful, accurate and focused. If people are confused by looking at the cover of your folder, then you’re in big trouble. Any text and images you use in your presentation materials along with your cover will create your overall message.

Catch Phrases

Finally, a great catchphrase can say it all or at least enough to connect potential customers with your product. For years Coke was “the real thing” and when today you hear “I’m lovin’ it,” you instantly think of McDonalds. Find a catch phrase of three to seven words that will make your company and products or services instantly recognizable. Be sure from start to finish, through image, color, logo and text, that your presentation folder works for and not against you.