What Makes Your Company Different from the Others?

What Makes Your Company Different from the Others? The ultimate question for any company is how does it define itself from all other companies offering the same or similar products or services? You can’t appeal to everyone and that means that in order to succeed you need to be able to appeal to those who are most likely to be interested in what you offer. You can then express the manner in which you’re unique through your marketing materials, including your website, advertisements, blogs, presentation folders and social media sites.

Know Your Competition

You must know your competition, including what they offer and how they offer their products and/or services. You don’t want to recreate what your competitors offer or do. You want to differentiate yourself from them. Ask yourself what can you do better or differently? Is there something they’re not doing that you can do? How can you appeal to a specific niche? You really can’t answer these questions until you know what others in your field are doing.

Creating Your Identity

In creating your identity, you’re going to determine how to explain and illustrate what your company does and how it’s different from all others. In doing so you’ll probably use an array of marketing devices including Internet-based tools, print products and media. Each of these methods is unique. Although some basic marketing rules apply to all, a presentation folder and its contents are different than a website and a social media page is not the same as a radio ad. Spend your dollars wisely. If you don’t understand how something works, such as the proper manner to search engine optimize your website, then find someone who does. Too many people waste money by incorporating different marketing tools without knowing how to utilize tem effectively.

Professional in Everyway

It’s important that you create a positive and professional image in everyway. Be decisive about what you can do, make sure you’re ready to back up you claims and never badmouth a competitor. Keep the focus on what you can do, on how you’re unique and on who you are. Leave it to the public to compare and contrast what you offer to what others provide.

Best Foot Forward

The bottom line when it comes to differentiating your company from others is to always be positive and put your best foot forward. Be truthful, professional and committed to being the best in your field. That may just differentiate you from a majority of your competitors.