Presentation Folder Images: First and Lasting Impressions

It’s a cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s also true that the images you choose for the cover of your presentation folder will create an immediate and lasting impression on those with which you are trying to connect.
Along with choosing a cover that will withstand use and resist wear and tear, you want to make sure that the artwork and design you use are appropriate.

Picture Yourself

When choosing the color of your cover and any image that may adorn it select something that clearly defines your company and its services or products. Before this can be done you must understand two basic things—the essence of your enterprise and to whom you’re trying to appeal. Your choice of cover will come from decisions you make regarding these two aspects of your business.

As an example, a small college in a rural setting will have a very different cover than a major research university in a metropolitan area. That’s because the type of student each is trying to attract and the kind of degrees the institutions offer are different. As another example, an accounting company’s folder will be adorned very differently than a software company’s even though both may have similar or even the same clients. The fact is their products and services are different and the right image will define each as being unique.  

Sometimes Simple is Better

Some people will get caught up in using covers with complex designs, dazzling artwork or over-the-top colors and pictures. Although these may attract attention, they may detract from your presentation and may also offer the wrong impression of your company. Many times a cover with a simple image, your logo and catchphrase will be highly effective. Remember that your cover instantly defines your business and product and is your visual calling card. Keep it clear and clean to send a specific message regarding who you are and what you do.

Always Be Tasteful

Finally, it is important that presentation folders always be tasteful. You may have a sense of humor, love the absurd or enjoy heavy metal, but if it’s not related to your products, services or company, then keep it off your folder cover. Also, unless it is a part of your business, don’t use religious or political images as they may alienate potential clients.

Use the artwork on your folder to clearly define who you are and what you do and to attract the attention of those who will want what you have to offer. Do that and you’ll be utilizing the power of images towards your success.