In Many Ways a Presentation Folder Can Make the Difference

People are judged instantly upon appearance. Appearance won’t get you a job, but it will get people on your side. As an example, in a 2006 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) potential employers were given a list of attributes that might influence their opinion concerning a job candidate. Of those who responded, 73% said that grooming had a strong influence on their choice and 49% said that nontraditional interview attire was also heavily weighed.

You and Your Presentation Folder

Look is important when it comes to landing a job. Now consider the appearance of your presentation when you’re submitting a proposal, report or portfolio to someone. The right presentation folder can make a great first impression, while handing someone material pressed into an old, faded folder, a manila file folder or simply unprotected and unbound with pages flailing about can create a lasting negative image of you, your company and your product or service.

Reflecting Content and Message

Of course any document you present must have solid content that is well written and properly researched. You won’t win any clients based on your presentation folder if the content doesn’t reflect the same quality. However, utilizing a folder that says instantly you are professional who is concerned about quality sets the right tone and creates the correct image for that potential client to be on your side from the very start.

Plus, if you use a presentation folder with a cover that includes images reflecting the essence of your company and defining your brand, you’ll create a lasting impression that can send your document to the top of the pile.  All things being equal, a quality presentation folder can make you stand out from all other companies.

Do You Look as Good as Your Presentation?

Don’t forget that appearance on all levels is important. Along with offering your potential client a quote, plan or proposal in an appropriately chosen folder, you should also look like a professional from head to toe. That’s a winning combination that will certainly get your proposal off on the right foot.